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Jbet.com is the leading online gambling destination in Asia. Offering online casino, Sportsbetting, live casino and much more! Jbet.com is fully licensed and regulated in Asia.

JBet is one of the up and coming sportsbook in Asia. Our sportsbook has been developed with the gamblers in mind. It has some of the best online gambling games and in addition, it offers a friendly platform for every user. Whether you are new or an existing customer, JBet offers you the best services available. It supports English, Chinese and Japanese. These are the common languages around Asia and with this in mind, you can be sure of getting the best of it all.

At Jbet, you will be free to place your bets with ease, without any restrictions. There are different transaction methods that you can use at the casino. The deposit and withdrawal methods are among the common methods of bankings. Whether you want to use credit or debit cards, or other E-Wallets, the casino supports them all. There is also mobile betting, which lets you enjoy your games wherever you go. The security system used is quite stable and it keeps your financial details secure enough.

There are also multiple of bonuses and other offers available at the casino. New members will be awarded with amazing packages of welcome bonuses. There are also other promotions that run throughout the week and month. The support staff is also quite reliable. This means that you can enjoy the reliable customer support that is very responsive. The Online Gambling/Games The major objective of developing this online casino was to allow the clients to enjoy all that they want to enjoy in the online casino. Basically, we bring you the normal casino right in your house or wherever you are. Here, you will have access to different types of online gambling.

They are categorized in different modes. The gambling mode and the betting mode. With the gambling mode, it is all about taking part in an online game and placing your betting chips. Your efforts and mastery are the things that will save you and help you to win. They include the live casino games like the poker, roulette, and such. The Online Betting is all about placing your bet on a live event and predicting the results. The result and the outcome will be determined by the real participants of that event. For instance, when you place a bet on a certain team to win in football. In the online betting, also known as sports betting, your efforts might not be as valid as such. It is all about the participants.

Here is a look at the live casino games;

Squeeze Baccarat Open - RNG and CARDPLAY 2015-07-17
CARDPLAY - Virtual Card Printer 2015-07-16
NEW >> SPORTS 2015-07-15
NEW >> GAMEPLAY 2015-07-14
NEW >> TOPGAME 2015-07-13
*****z07 -20.00 2015-12-01 P
*****z08 20.00 2015-12-01 P
*****kun 20.00 2015-11-29 D
*****kun 20.00 2015-11-29 D
*****z07 20.00 2015-11-27 P
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